April Community Cards

Gen Card

day at the beach worst case scenario medical treatment secret identity gift giving
animals angelic (or demonic) beings nervous breakdown AU: Alternate Genre technology/mechanics
character study friend in need WILD CARD secrets/lies coma
mistaken identity beauty kids/kidfic camping habits & routines
candles accidents temperature trapped birthdays

Gen and Romance

wedding fire in the fireplace anniversary epistolatory fic (emails, letters, etc) hallucinations/visions
love spell/potion/pollen family celebration AU: Alternate History/Continuity crackfic picnic
crying hazing WILD CARD law and order coma
Stockholm syndrome possession/mind control caught in the rain memories waking in bed together
baby undercover touching/hugging/cuddling wooing/courtship chance encounters

Gen, Romance, and Kink

sunset stroll domestic/tradesman kink exhibitionism spooning drunken confession of love
crackfic family (learning of an unexpected relative) fucking machines blood/body fluids emotion manipulation
adventures worship WILD CARD tattoos/tattooing trapped
fairy tales/folklore/mythology kissing it better nippleplay suicide rape/recovery
homelessness personal scent (incl. perfume/cologne) crossdressing bedtime rituals caning

April Amnesty and Card Request Post

Happy Easter, everyone. Welcome to April. How have you all been? Has anyone got anything interesting written? I've had one of my usual months of not getting much done for me, due to the amount of work I have on right now, but hopefully that will be changing at some point in the next month. That really does depend on work though.

I should hopefully be getting the community cards up tomorrow, so be on the look out for them if you interested. :)

March Community Cards

Gen Card

romantic relationship (assumed) deus ex machina family (meeting extended family) job-related trauma doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles
mutation/physical transformation nurse back to health coming home long-lost love/friend orphans and runaways
proposal quarantine/isolation WILD CARD worst case scenario swimming
slavery lazy day off betrayal illness (major or minor) crying
pandemics and epidemics gift giving day-in-the-life enclosed spaces cloud watching

Gen, and Romance Card

authority figures date (first) adventures baking (cookies) education
possession/mind control holiday criminal intent vehicle friendship
zombies sleepy times WILD CARD trapped family (learning of an unexpected relative)
physical imperfections Mary Sue (or Marty Stu) nuzzling pretending to be married/couple sports/games
history outer space drunken confession of love substance abuse pandemics and epidemics

Gen, Romance, and Kink Card

fisting gender play vehicle aphrodisiacs begging
five things fic humiliation yentas and matchmakers crossdressing ritual sacrifice
rough sex film/photography WILD CARD proposal orgy
hallucinations/visions breathplay shaving/depilation personal scent (incl. perfume/cologne) spanking/paddling
missing persons poetry (magnet or otherwise) singing domestic/tradesman kink piercings/needleplay

March Amnesty and Card Request Post

Sorry I'm a couple of days late - life happened. :) At the end of last month (the 26th) my boyfriend and I celebrated being together for 12 years, but as we haven't been together for a while, and he's back off tonight, we've been making the most of the time we had together. Including going for a snow walk. England had snow. So exciting. Well, for us it was. We like snow a lot, but it's gone now, and we've just realised how happy snow makes both of us. Now we just need to find somewhere with snow we might want to live.

February was also one of the best months I've had for writing so far, which is really good. I'm very happy about that. So far no luck with the bingo card, but it does help if I look at it occasionally. :D I've also been playing a lot of Stardew Valley while my boyfriend has been away. Anyone else play? My new plan is to set up twelve farms, marry everyone, and then be happy. I've also got a number of mods set up, to make certain characters look different (Shane is now wearing something not Joja and trousers, Alex's sprite matches Alex, and Harvey has no mustache).

Like every month so far please post any fills that won't make a bingo, and let me know if you want a new card. If you're new you have seven days to comment here for a card - we look forward to seeing what you write. Community cards will be going up tomorrow.

February Mid Month Update Post

Hey, everyone. How are you doing? I was going to post this up yesterday, but... well, I forgot by the end of the day. Sorry for that. I am here now though, and hoping you're all getting on well.

Work, for me, has been busy, which is good and bad. Normally I have no brain left by the end of the day, but recently I've been a little better with that, so I've actually been writing - for me. It's exciting. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it, and might even get around to actually looking at the bingo card I made for myself... whenever it was I made it. Or not. :D
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February Community Cards

Sorry this has taken so long. It was my boyfriend's 30th at the weekend, so lots was happening. Now I'm finally back to normal life once more, and that means I can finally get the community cards up, which I promise won't take so long next time. :)

I'm not going to try the cut this time, because I'm pretty sure it's not going to work, so let me know how you prefer this.


stranded/survival scenario sunset stroll nightmares drugs/intoxication adventures
caught in the rain journal/diary sensory deprivation phobias hot cocoa (or equivalent)
imminent catastrophe resurrection WILD CARD friendship domestic bliss
picnic swimming habits & routines reunion celebrity/notable person
law and order holiday missing persons poetry (magnet or otherwise) torture

Gen and Romance

deus ex machina “I love you” (first) AU: Alternate History/Continuity sleepy times counseling/therapy
hot cocoa (or equivalent) birthdays missing persons abduction/hostage situation doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles
nightmares kiss WILD CARD violence temperature
gift giving second person narration character death cooking (together) ghosts/hauntings/afterlife
playing instrument/music drunken confession of love yentas and matchmakers bodyswap/bodyshare pretending to be married/couple

Gen, Romance and Kink

aphrodisiacs stranded/survival scenario domestic/tradesman kink traditions blood/body fluids
wooing/courtship apocalypse (or post-apocalypse) imprisonment psychic/superpowers character study
disability (sudden) shaving/depilation WILD CARD truth nuzzling
holiday pegging/strap-ons plushie or furry kink sports/games film/photography
bad sex love letter/song social event (workplace) second person narration hot cocoa (or equivalent)

January's bingo

I used the community card for gen+ romance for these. All of them ended up scenes in longer works so I'll share a few snippets.

Wooing/courtship - SF novella - “If it helps, I think you’re attractive too.”

falling in love - paranormal romance - Hell, the fact he considered going back into that damn hotel after the last two times proved one thing: he was falling in love

Reunion -paranormal romance - The two fans standing here with you would love to see a Green Tablet reunion."

depression - paranormal romance The depression wasn't entirely gone

age - SF novella I’m just a lieutenant and rather old to be one at that.”
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Mid Month Check In/Update Post

Hello, everyone. As mentioned before here's the mid month check in and update post. How are you doing? Has January been a good month for you so far?

Although this month hasn't been great (auspicious beginning to 2018) I have managed to get some world building work done, which is the first thing done for me in several months. I've also been going through some older stories, working out what needs changing, and also planning some new stories. This, for me, is a really good step. Of course now I actually need to follow through with the actual writing, but I'm hoping to have the time to do that from tomorrow onwards. Something I've always found complicated is working around my long term boyfriend, especially as we live together, and I've been really bad at taking time to do the things I want to be doing - like writing. He's got some stuff that needs doing away from our home for a little while, so I'm going to try to create a nice schedule for myself. I've always worked better than way. All I can do after that is hope that I can stick to it when he's home again.

One of the things I daydream about is having my own office. A space of my own, to have my books, and work stuff, and laptop... only that's not going to happen any time soon. I did have an office for a while, but it was a 40 minute walk away, so I found myself not using it, which made it a waste of the money I was spending on rent. For now I have my corner. It's better than nothing.

Feel free to talk about your month so far in the comments. I'd love to get to know you all better. :)
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