December Card Requests

Did everyone have a good November/US Thanksgiving/Nanowrimo? ^__^

Please comment here if you would like a card!

Things to remember:

  • Please remember to ask for a card type! The flavors we have are:
    GEN: general prompts, no explicitly romantic or kinky prompts
    GEN+ROMANCE: general prompts plus some romantic prompts, but nothing kinky
    GEN+ROMANCE+KINK: the whole kit and caboodle, these cards may include general, romantic, AND kinky prompts.

  • Please keep in mind that the card types only DRAW from the relevant lists. The cards are randomly generated, and they might be heavy on one type of prompt. Thus, you can ask for a gen+romance card and end up with very little romance, or a gen+romance+kink card and end up with very little kink. Luck of the draw!

  • CHANGED RULE! You can still have two active cards of different types at once. HOWEVER, please only ask for one card per month! For instance, you can ask for a GRK card this month, then next month ask for a gen-only card and work on both of them at once. This is to make sure that everyone asks for the card they REALLY WANT first, and then gives it a fair shot before asking for a second.

  • The basic structure of the challenge is the same as last round. In short: ask for card during the first week of every month, post whenever you have made a bingo of ANY SHAPE OR SHAPELESSNESS (ie, any 5 or more squares filled.), and ask for a new card! Bingoers can ask for a new card whenever they'd like, not just the first week of the month.

  • If you do not finish five pieces on your card but want to abandon that card and ask for another, then you can also do that during Amnesty Week (the first week of every month). Post what you've got during Amnesty Week, and then ask for another card! More detailed rules are here.

  • You do not have to post/link your fills to the comm: leave them flocked on your journal or in a written notebook. Please just post tot he comm a list of your fills and a short summary of what you wrote. It's nice to have the indication that another author was successful, even if we don't get to read the tasty fic!

  • You CAN take however long you want to work on your card. Blast through as many cards as you'd like or work on your one card for an entire year. Your choice!
  • Tags:
    Gen card
    criminal intent bad day worrying waiting prosperity
    bluffing gravity imprisonment payment a sure thing
    traffic fast and loose FREE SPACE starting over death
    authority figures peace offering pet project redemption silence
    making do lesser evil lost and found impossible hallucinations / visions