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Origfic Bingo
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original fiction writing challenge running from October 1, 2010 until October 1, 2011.
Welcome! Origfic Bingo is a fic challenge community! Do you write original fiction? Would you like to play in a fic bingo challenge like all the cool fanfic writers have? NOW YOU CAN! :D

How This Origfic Bingo Thing Works (Short Version)

  • We give you a prompt-filled card.
  • You complete a bingo by writing/creating at least five pieces (fic, art, handicrafts, whatever!). If you complete a bingo, you win a new card.
  • The first week of every month, you can request a new card even if you haven't completed a bingo.
  • Everyone has an awesome time and sees some fab new original material!
  • Starts October 1!

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